[MV] KIM DONG RYUL(김동률) _ How I Am(그게 나야)

[MV] KIM DONG RYUL(김동률) _ How I Am(그게 나야)

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Kim Dong Ryul’s new album [Walking With] is filled with music only Kim Dong Ryul can do at this moment in time. It is a result of an ideal moment when a musician of 20 years has matured and changed over time, but simultaneously hasn’t changed a bit at all.

The lyrics in [Walking With] are poetic. KIM DONG RYUL does not use any “trendy” terms or slang in his songs. He simply pursues good rhymes in stories that have a clear flow. The song ‘My Very Own’ is about life, meeting, liking, loving, and living with someone special, while ‘Today’ is about the feelings for a love past, in a monologue. His lyrics have always been poetic. But in [Walking With], Kim shows how much musical experience and skills he has gained over time in songs that flow like real poetry.

During his 20 years of maturing and developing, KIM DONG RYUL dug deep into the world of music. The results will sound and seem more grand and spectacular, the more we listen in concentration.

JUNIEL-연애하나봐 [I think I’m in love] M/V

The title song of Juniel’s first digital single, “I Think I’m in Love” fully expresses the excitement one feels during the early stages of falling in love. The fresh melody is enhanced by Juniel’s clear voice and tone, completing the song as a whole. Lyrics such as, “Scent of Mocha coffee,” “More refreshing than a mojito,” More electrifying than a lemon,” etc. portray the lovely feeling of falling in love in a trendy way. The hook, “Spread the rumors now! I think I’m in love,” also lingers a while in the listener’s mind.