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2015 무한도전 영동고속도로 가요제 (Infinity Challenge Music Festival)

[IMO] My view on 2015 Infinity Challenge Music Festival (무한도전 영동고속도로 가요제)

Out of all the music festivals “Infinity Challenge” offered, I found this year to be the most promising. Right from the start, the musicians performing alongside the members is already known to be very appealing with their music, so I was not worried. However, I wondered how the members of Infinity Challenge would be able to cooperate with the musicians’ individuality in music. Nevertheless, after watching the final products, my qualms were unnecessary. Continue reading 2015 무한도전 영동고속도로 가요제 (Infinity Challenge Music Festival)

How Powerful Is South Korea?

The nation of South Korea continuously faces threats from North Korea. With such a hostile neighbor, we wanted to know, how powerful is South Korea?

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By 2020, South Koreans will have a better standard of living than the French…
“Many Koreans have an affinity for French things. Namely, French baked goods. ”

South Korea: Reviving the Miracle on the Han River…
“South Korea has been a global shining star of growth and resilience over the past fifty years.”

The chaebols: The rise of South Korea’s mighty conglomerates…
“There was a joke in South Korea back in the 1990s.”

The U.S.-South Korea Alliance…
“The longstanding U.S.-South Korea alliance, originally established during the Cold War as a bulwark against the communist expansion in Asia, has undergone a series of transformations in recent years. ”

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Could North and South Korea Ever Reunite?…

Beautiful Timelapse Looks Likes Raining Stars

It is often said that there is nothing more stunning than a night sky littered with glittering stars.

This amazing collection of pictures taken in the Swiss Alps can definitely serve as proof of the point if ever it was needed.

Intrepid photographer Markus Eichenberger put the collection together as a result of three years of exploring the region in order to discover the majestic mountain range at its most beautiful.

The pictures show various areas of Switzerland, including the Aletsch glacier and the famous Matterhorn mountain, illuminated by the twinkling night sky.