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[K Indie] SUNWOO JUNGA (선우정아) _ 주인공의 노래 (Song of Hero)

[K Indie] SUNWOO JUNGA (선우정아) _ 주인공의 노래 (Song of Hero) MV

SUNWOO JUNGA (선우정아) is known as a talented singer and songwriter. Ever since her debut in 2005, she has produced many tracks for many singers such as 2NE1, GD&TOP, Lee Hi, Lee Sun Continue reading [K Indie] SUNWOO JUNGA (선우정아) _ 주인공의 노래 (Song of Hero)

[K Indie] NELL _ 소멸탈출 (The great escape) 消滅脱出

[K Indie] NELL _ 소멸탈출/The great escape/ 消滅脱出

‘The Great Escape’ was NELL’s follow up track of their album, “Newton’s Apple’. The title song is called “Four Times Around The Sun’.  Unlike its title track, ‘The Great Escape’ includes more of a rock vibe, with drum beats and electric guitars leading ahead. NELL’s vocalist especially brings out the best charms of the song, making it a good song to listen along to.

[K Indie] Hyukoh (혁오)_위잉위잉(Wi Ing Wi Ing) MV

[K Indie] Hyukoh (혁오)_위잉위잉(Wi Ing Wi Ing) MV

Debuting in late 2014, the band Hyukoh is currently receiving attention for their involvement in their year’s Infinity Challenge Music Festival. With their fresh vocals and smooth, classic sounds, Hyukoh is definitely one to add to your favorites.

This song in particular, ‘Wi Ing Wi Ing’ is part of their debut album, “20”. It conveys the emptiness and pessimism one would feel at the end of their teen years. However, Hyukoh was able to relay a comforting mind to those in need, adding their own colors and thus creating ‘Wi Ing Wi Ing’.

Hyukoh consists of 4 members, 임동건 (Im DongGun), 오혁 (Oh Hyuk), 임현제 (Im HyunJae), and 이인우 (Lee In Woo), all born in 1993.