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Live performances/covers of kpop songs!

[Kpop Live] 4MEN’s 윤민수(Yoon MinSoo) & 신용재(Shin YongJae) _ 인연(Fate)

[불후의 명곡 2 (Immortal Songs 2)] 윤민수 (Yoon MinSoo) & 신용재 (Shin YongJae) of 4MEN _ 인연 (Fate)

I was not able to attach the original live performance due to technical difficulties so above is the official audio of the live performance. However, you may click here to watch the original live performance.

There are many reasons why I like this remake of 이선희 (Lee SunHee)’s ‘인연 (Fate)’. The biggest being that 윤민수 (Yoon MinSoo) & 신용재 (Shin YongJae) of 4MEN were able to beautifully create a song of deep emotions and power. ‘인연 (Fate)’ was a song 이선희 (Lee SunHee) penned in honor of her late husband, which explains the longing and grief portrayed in this particular song. Therefore, although it is not their original song, 윤민수 (Yoon MinSoo) & 신용재 (Shin YongJae) were still able to convey the right emotions, as if they were telling their own story.  Not to mention that 윤민수 (Yoon MinSoo) & 신용재 (Shin YongJae)’s are very skilled vocalists. I was so immersed that I did not even realize a full seven minutes passed by. It is definitely one live remake that I fully enjoyed and loved.

[Kpop Live] Roy Kim _ 힐링이 필요해 (October Rain)

Roy Kim _ 힐링이 필요해 (October Rain) @ Superstar K4 Episode 15

Roy Kim first started his career as a contestant for Superstar K4, an audition program. With his smooth and emotional vocals, he found himself as part of the top 3 contestants of the program, along with Continue reading [Kpop Live] Roy Kim _ 힐링이 필요해 (October Rain)

[MV] J.Y.Park(박진영) _ Who’s your mama? Soul ver. (어머님이 누구니 소울 버전) (feat. Lee Jin Ah(이진아), JiJohn(지존))

[MV] J.Y.Park(박진영) _ Who’s your mama? Soul ver. (어머님이 누구니 소울 버전) (feat. Lee Jin Ah(이진아), JiJohn(지존))

*English subtitles are now available. 😀
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“Who’s your mama? (Soul Ver.) (Feat. Jin Ah Lee, John Chu & Jang Miji)” (Composed, lyrics by: J.Y. Park ‘The Asiansoul’, Arranged by: J.Y. Park ‘The Asiansoul’, Go Young Hwan) “Who’s your mama?” is a song praising a woman with a waist size 24 and hip size 34. The Soul Ver. takes out the modern synth sounds from the original track. Instead, awesome piano performances by K-POP STAR sensations Jin Ah Lee and John Chu and rhythmical guitar melodies by Jang Miji, topped with Park Jin Young’s unique, sexy voice, recreate the song into a whole new hit.