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Shedding light on the songs that could’ve been big hits in the kpop industry.

[K Indie] Rumble Fish (럼블피쉬) _ 으라차차 (2005)

Rumble Fish (럼블피쉬) _ 으라차차  (Smile Again) OFFICIAL AUDIO

Honestly, this song is a bit ambiguous to be called an indie song, but it fits the overall definition, so I decided to give it a mention.

Rumble Fish (럼블피쉬) was a Korean rock/indie band that first entered the music scene in 2004. They originally debuted with four Continue reading [K Indie] Rumble Fish (럼블피쉬) _ 으라차차 (2005)

[Underrated Kpop] 2NE1 _ 사랑은 아야야 (Love is Ouch) (2010)

2NE1  _ 사랑은 아야야  (Love is Ouch) OFFICIAL AUDIO 

As one who followed 2NE1’s musical career since ‘Lollipop’, this is one song that I believe should be mentioned more often. ‘사랑은 아야야 (Love is Ouch)’ is one of 2NE1’s slower tracks included in their Continue reading [Underrated Kpop] 2NE1 _ 사랑은 아야야 (Love is Ouch) (2010)

[Underrated Kpop] 5DOLLS _ 너 말이야 (Your Words)

In 2010, there was a group called CO-ED SCHOOL, which was the only co-ed kpop group at the time. They debuted with a few tracks, until they decided to make male and female subunits. Thus, 5DOLLS and SPEED were created.

The original 5DOLLS consisted of the four original females of CO-ED SCHOOL, Lee Soo-mi, Heo Chan-mi, Ryu Hyo Young and Jin Hye-won, and the addition of a new member Seo Eun-kyo. In 2011, they released two promotional tracks, ‘입술자국 (Lip Stains)’ and ‘너 말이야 (Your Words)’. As they are under MBK Entertainment (formerly known as Core Contents Media), they did release heavily story-plot-based music videos, following their labelmates, T-ARA.

Unfortunately, due to lesser popularity, 5DOLLS did not receive the attention needed to reach stardom. After promoting their last song as 5DOLLS, ‘Like This or That’, a long haitus, member changes, and a new name, F-VE DOLLS was created.

On March 2015, MBK Entertainment announced the disbandment of F-VE DOLLS (formerly 5DOLLS).

[Underrated Kpop] H.A.M _ T.T Dance (2009)

H.A.M _ T.T Dance

H.A.M (Heart And Mind) was a 4-member girl group that debuted in 2009, with their debut song, ‘T.T Dance’. As cringe-worthy the title may be, the song reflect many of the Korean old-school beats with a rough edge to it, making it a very catchy and favorable song to listeners. Eventually, due to lack of popularity and promotions, the members separated their ways.

P.S: The “T.T” depicts a emoticon representing sadness or sorrow.