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[MV] HIGH4(하이포) _ Day By Day(비슷해)

[MV] HIGH4(하이포) _ Day By Day(비슷해)

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If HIGH4’s 2014 was all about the butterflies of love, then 2015 is about parting ways. After their mellow, lovey-dovey titles “Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms”, “A Little Close”, and “Headache”, this New Year, HIGH4 is returning with a heartbreaking song “Day By Day”.

“Day By Day” is a hiphop R&B track about how carrying out daily routine becomes impossible after a breakup. Its simple, sophisticated melody line topped with HIGH4’s sentimental vocals truly move the listeners ears and hearts. The guitar intro followed by piano bring out a really rich sound. Kim Sung Goo and Baek Myung Han’s endless ad libs maximizes the emotions throughout the song.