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[MV] Ladies’ Code/Kiss Kiss


uploaded by: 1theK (former LOEN MUSIC)


[MV] Red Velvet/Happiness

The MV of ‘Happiness’ by Red Velvet (SEULGI, IRENE, WENDY and JOY) the new group from SMTOWN for the last 2 years, is now released :)
Lively Urban Euro-Pop genre song ‘Happiness’ and its MV shows cheerful and vivid images of Red Velvet members.
Please send lots of love and support for the newly debut team Red Velvet!!

[MV] Sunny Hill/그 해 여름(Once in Summer)

SunnyHill is back to sing about hot summer night’s ‘first love’.
Winter 2012, SunnyHill hit the charts with their emotional title ‘Goodbye to Romance’.
And this summer, they’re back with “Once in Summer”, creating beautiful memories of the season.
“Once in Summer” is co-produced by composer KZ and Gomdol who both have worked several times with SunnyHill.
The song features the members’ amazing harmonies on top of great old synth pop based melodies.
The lyrics will remind us of youth, the heat of summer, and good memories of ‘first love’ we all have.