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Timelapse: South Korea’s Stunning Seoul

Travel around the bustling capital city of Seoul in this breathtaking time-lapse from filmmaker Noe Alonzo.

Noe Alonzo: http://www.rok-on.net/

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Time Lapse Video of Seoul, Korea – “Seoulites” [ROK On!]

Time Lapse Video of Seoul, Korea – “Seoulites” [ROK On!]

I worked three years on this Seoul Timelapse/Hyperlapse.
Three years of no social life, three years of ditching my friends and events and ignoring my girlfriend so I could be out on some roof. I’d say each shot was on average 6 hours of work.
Some shots I reshot 4-5 times until I got it right. Around 400 pictures each time I went out but I would end up using around 200 for each clip at 99fps. Each clip on average is 1 second 22 frames. Close to three terabytes of storage. I shot everything RAW to use my camera sensor to the max.

I spent alot of money in equipment and in taxis/buses/subway and bribes to get on roofs – all I expect in return is that you share this with others and subscribe ^^

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My equipment:
Canon 60D
Canon 5D Mark III
Tokina 11-16
Nikon 14-24 w/t converter
Canon 16-35
Canon 50mm 1.2
Canon 70-200
Rokinon 8mm Fisheye
Gitzo Tripod

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
LR Timelapse

Special thanks to Byulmaru for letting me use their music.
Music: 별마루 – “쥐불놀이”
Music: Byulmaru – Juibulnori